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Business Strategy

Understand the details. Investigate alternative scenarios. Plan your short and long term activities. Your Business Model: What are your revenue generators? Hardware, consumables? Services?

Product Strategy

What pain are you up to address? Are you really providing a solution? Are you going to change the world with your solution? Do you have the right technology? Who will you sell it to? What will they be using it for?

Business Development

You have limited resources. You must focus your resources to achieve the targets based on your company's core competencies. But, nevertheless, you cannot afford to neglect to make sure the eco-system is ready for your solution. This is where Business Development steps in.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

You want the world to hear about your solution. You want your customers to adopt it. You need to Brand the company, the product, the solution. How to expose your solution? How to sell (direct/indirect, geography, segments, etc.)


Set up your story in a way investors will buy into it. Prepare the tools, be ready for due diligence

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