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You fully trust the lawyers’ firm you work with and especially the partner assigned to you and her/his team.

However, your lawyer does not necessarily understand the nuances of your business, what is important for you, and how exactly you want your transaction to look like. And then, you have all those drafts to review and comment on.

You wish you had an inside counsel to do all of this for you, but even if you can afford one, can you really justify this headcount?

Here is where I come in. With over 20 years of experience in business development and additional roles in different leading high tech companies, a law degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and an endless amount of agreements, negotiations, and successful transactions, I will save you tons of time, make sure you get exactly what you need, shorten your negotiations, and make your lawyer more effective.

The combination of a fair technology understanding, high level of commercial vision and creativity, and streamlined communication with legal professionals make transactions happen, faster, reducing frustration level, and well balancing the commercial need and the contractual safeguards.

There is no need to worry about what your lawyer will say. Those layers I collaborated with found my service most helpful, as well as lawyers serving counterparts in the transactions, I was involved in.  

Joint development, subcontractors, manufacturing, OEM, distribution agreements, and others – I can help.

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