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You have your vision and you know your priorities, but you never have enough resources, to transform and execute, as rapidly as you must

Do Not Compromise.

Envision. Transform. Execute.


An experienced business development, product strategy, marketing, and channel development executive, with vast experience accumulated through work for Israeli, global technology firms, each of which, significantly changed the industry it serves. I led strategic processes and projects from inception to complete realization.


"It is not good that the man should be alone" (Genesis 2:18)

People, and companies they run, are not working, living and performing in a vacuum - a big company, or small, must be part of or create its eco-system and partnerships, that will help boost performance and optimize added value, through synergies.  

This is what I do.

  • Business strategy

  • Product strategy

  • Business Development

  • Sales & Marketing strategy

  • Funding

  • Concierge Legal Services

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